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Your physiotherapist on active holiday in Salzburger Land

Physiotherapy at hotel Alpina
your physiotherapist Lukas is ready for you!

Physical balance thanks to physiotherapy at Alpina Wagrain

A balance in our body systems is the prerequisite for healthy movement behaviour. If problems arise, the interactions and connections must always be taken into account. For this, physiotherapeutic treatment is an optimal method to ensure optimal physical well-being.

Physiotherapeutic treatment for your optimal well-being

The main thing in physiotherapeutic treatment is to investigate the cause and the treatment that is tailored to it. Only in this way can a solution to the problem be achieved and optimal well-being can occur.

Way to health

Osteopathic techniques
Therapeutic massage
Therpeutic treatment

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therapy and training is very important


Health offers

The duration and masure of the therapy will be agreed with you in the preliminary discussion. If you have no current knowledge of your problem, we will work out a solution in a joint medical history discussion including initial treatment.

Pain Thearpy | Sport massage | Myofascial Techniques  Osteopathic Techniques | Temporomandibular Joint Therapy (CMD) | Flossing | Cupping | Scar (Gua Sha) | Scapula Setting | ect...

With different approaches, we will take the path of recovery purposefully with you.

Manual therapy


Therapeutic diagnosis, initial treatment and solution concept




Your fitness training on active holidays at Alpina Wagrain

For optimal body health, regular training is essential. How good that the Hotel Alpina has a gym with modern cardio and strength sports equipment
as well as a trained fitness trainer. All under one roof – in your Hotel Alpina Wagrain.

Want to get a sporting holiday in Salzburg? Fancy exercise, training and workout with a personal trainer? Then send us your no-obligation request
for a physiotherapy appointment or book your holiday online. The Hotel Alpina-Team is looking forward to your visit!

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Wir guarantee you:

  • The cheapest price
  • The right room
  • The best offer for your individual needs
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