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Full-day hikes

Look forward to eventful all-day hikes, surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Wagrain-Kleinarl holiday region.

Kitzsteinalm via Sauwaldstraße (No. 72), 4 hours

By car to the starting point on Kleinarler Straße. The Sauwaldstraße (No. 72) branches off the Kleinarler Landesstraße to the right at the Feuersangbauern (from Lehenbauer closed to generaltraffic). Ascent via Sauwaldstraße to Kitzsteinalm.

Descent via way to Kleinarler Hütte (No. 5) to Kleinarl and via the valley path back to the car (No. 1).

Kitzsteinalm, trails no. 1 and 72, 5 - 6 hours

From Wagrain via the Kleinarl hiking trail (No. 1) to the Lehenbauer. Climb via Sauwaldstraße, No. 72, and Almweg to Kitzsteinalm.

Walking tour Ginau - Lackenkapelle - Wagrain, No. 51, 4 1/2 hours

Via trail no. 51 (see half-day hikes) to the Jausenstation Grub, back to the valley end of the Ginautales. From Oberlehenbauer via cattle pastures on a path to the Lackenkapelle and Weg No. 453 or No. 55 and then descend No. 54 or 53 to Wagrain.

Lackenkapelle - Schwaighofdörfl, No. 56 and 57, 5 hours

Take the trail no. 453 (Hinterleitenstreße - Holleregg or Güterweg Öbrist) climb to the Lackenkapelle, 200 m in front of the Lackenkapelle turn-off on the right, no. 56. Climb through the forest and over weiden to the Arzkendl and the Arzberghof. From there, descend the freight route to the sub-mining, links branch off (No. 57) and again slightly ascendto the Aubauer and the Untersteffenbauer at the end of the freight route. From the Untersteffen-bauer Steig over the meadow down to the village of Schwaighof.

Forest Road Moadörfl - Edelweissalm - Nazbauer - to Kleinarl, No. 60, 62, 71, 6 hours

From Moadörfl to the valley station of the Rote Achter-Kabinenbahn, via Forststraße (No. 60) to the Edelweissalm, continue on the forest road (No. 62) to the Nazbauer (Hotel Berghof) and through the Schlögl- and Baierwald (No. 71) to Kleinarl.

Hochgründeck, 1,827 m, No. 453, 3 hours

By car via Öbristweg to the last bend (parking possibility), from there turn right to the Lackenkapelle, to the Lackenalm, via Steig and the last section over the forest road to the Ginauer Sattel, after the forest gate via Steig steeply to the summit (No. 453) or to the summit (No. 453) Heinrich Kiener-Haus (managed).

If you want to avoid the steep ascent, go from the Ginauer Sattel over the forest road on the left (30 min.) and right over path N.453a and 451 (St. Johanner-Weg) to the Heinrich-Kiener-Haus (managed) and to the summit.

Variant: By car 4 km on the federal road in the direction of St. Johann i. Pongau and then on the right on the freight road Floitensberg, at the Zulehen Windberg past to the forest gate. Parking. Before there in 2 1/2 hours on the Hochgründeck.

Sonntagskogel, 1,849 m, No. 713, 4 hours

Climb from Wagrain via AV-Weg No. 713, via Berggasthof Höllenstein and Hachaualm on the Sonntagskogel.

Grießenkareck, 1,991 m, No. 714, 4 hours

From Kirchboden via Wolfensbergweg (Farm Wolfensberg), to the Hotel Berghof (Nazbauer), via AV-Weg No. 714 to Wagrainer Haus and to the summit. Beggar's Trail (path no. 714a), 2 1/2 hours descent to The Wagrainer Haus, Aufstieg on the ridge (AV-Steig No. 714), turn right, over the "Bettlersteig" (No. 714a) to the Ahornkarkopf or Ahornkarsattel, turn left and over the AV-Steig No. 714 on the Saukarkopf, continue to Saukarfunktel (2,028 m) and back to the starting point.

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