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Half-day hikes

Look forward to a leisurely half-day hike through the beautiful nature of the Holiday Region Wagrain-Kleinarl.

Kleinarl (No. 1), 2 hours

The hiking trail to Kleinarl starts at the valley station of the Grafenbergbahnen (cabin railway) and leads along the Kleinarler Ache on the valley floor of the Kleinarltal to Kleinarl.

Bauernstüberl via hiking trail Kleinarl (path no. 1), 1 hour

From the Grafenberg Railway along the Kleinarler Ache to the Seifried Bridge, there branch off to the Bauernstüberl.

Fürbach-Roundweg, trails no. 1 and 5, 1 1/2 hours

From the GrafenbergBahn via the Kleinarl hiking trail (No. 1) to the settlement of Unterspannberg via the Fürbachweg (No. 5) to the church floor and back to Wagrain or vice versa.

Hiking trail Schwaighof (No. 2), 1 hour

Starts at the Grafenwirt and leads along the Payerbach and the Schwaighofbach to the village of Schwaighof (Gasthof Schwaighofwirt).

Höch Castle, path (No. 2 oof 2a), 1 hour from the village of Schwaighof

Through the village of Schwaighof, then along the footpath and bicycle path on the edge of the federal road to the Moadörfl (Gasthof Moawirt), at the farms Unter- und Oberschütt and Gasteg past the castle Of Höchs. The Wanderweg No. 2a leads along the Niederberg to the Unterschüttbauer.

Rundweg Schwaighof - Moadörfl - Unterschüttbauer, Paths No. 2 and 2a, 1 hour

From the village of Schwaighof via the federal road to the Niederbergweg (No. 2a). The first part is a forest road to the valley station of the Rote Achter-Kabinenbahn, the second part a meadow path to the underload farmer. Back via the cycle path to Moadörfl (Gasthof Moawirt) and to the village of Schwaighof (Gasthof Schwaighofwirt).

Jausenstation Grub, No. 51, 1 hour

At Café Bosek to Grubstraße (Hotel Enzian), junction Güterweg Sonnseite, via the freight path slightly ascending to the farm Vordertiefenbach, at the following two junctions (Tiefenbachgraben) continue on the left into the Ginautal to the Jausenstation Grub.

The trail no. 51 continues to the reargina valley to the Oberlehengut (additional 45 min.).

Schickenreitbauer, No. 53, 1 1/2 hours

Via Grubstraße - freight road Sonnseite to the farm Vordertiefenbach. At the following two freight road crossings, first turnleft in the Tiefenbachgraben, then continue on the right-hiking until the Schickenreitbauern. Return via No. 54 possible.

Old Öbristweg, No. 54, 1 1/2 hours

Climb over the Hof freight road to the bridge over the Tiefenbachgraben. Turn off there and cross alten Heumweg (path no. 54) via Röcksberger to the Öbristbauer. Refreshment at the Jausenstation Oberegg possible. There are several variants for the descent.

Around the Öbristköpfl, No. 55 and 453, 1 1/2 hours

By car via Güterweg Öbrist (junction from the Bundesstraße 2 km in the direction of Flachau) to the Jausenstation Oberegg. From the Jausenstation Oberegg via the path no. 453 (Hochgründeckweg) to the Lackenkapelle, there turn left, no. 55, and around the Öbristköpfl back to the starting point or viceversa, from the Jausenstation Oberegg to the Öbristbauer, via path no. 55 to the Lackenkapelle, turn right there, towards Wagrain and on way no. 453 back to Oberegg.

Ascent to Öbristköpfl, junction at Öbristbauer, 45 minutes.

Lackenkapelle, Nr. 56, 3 hours

Take the hiking trail towards Schwaighof to the confluence of the Halsnergraben, turn left there and along the creek to the Viehhof Bridge, cross the Bundesstraße and continue along the Öbristweg (Güterweg) for 200 m. Turn right to Pension Tannenhof, climb along the route no. 56 to the bergweg freight road; continue along the freight route to the Unterbergbauern. At the freight road junction, continue on the left (No. 56) to the Arzberghof. There, continue on the left over the path to the Lackenkapelle.

Schwaighof - Moadörfl, No. 58, 1 1/2 hours

From the village of Schwaighof into the Schwaighofgraben, turn right (No. 58), climb over the top path, turn right at second turn and walk down to the Moadörfl (Gasthof Moawirt) via Steig.

Schüttbachweg, No. 59, 1 1/2 hours

Climb from the Moadörfl via the Zollweg freight route to the Oberkendlbauer, turn right there and continue along the flat freight route. After the farmstead Schüttbach via Steig and Heaumweg descend to the Unterschüttbauern and via the hiking trail No. 2 back to the Moadörfl (Gasthof Moawirt).

Lärchenwaldweg, No. 61, 1 hour

Climb via güterweg Weberlandl, after the second turn at the second road turn left, climb via Steig (No. 61) to the holiday village of Weberlandl, to the Daarbauer and to the Edelweißalm. Return path via goods road Weberlandl.

Moadörfl - Edelweissalm, No. 60, 1 1/2 hours

From Moadörfl to the valley station of the Rote Achter-Kabinenbahn, via Forststraße (No. 60) to Edelweissalm.

Wagrain - Moadörfl - Edelweissalm, trails No. 2, 2a, 60 and 61, 4 stunden

From Wagrain to the village of Schwaighof (No. 2), 100 m before the federal road turn right to the Niederbergweg (No. 2a) and turn into the Moadörfl. From the valley station of the Rote Achter-Kabinenbahn via the trail no. 60 to the Edelweissalm and via Lärchenwaldweg (Nr. 61) back to Wagrain.

Edelweissalm - Nazbauer, No. 62, 1 hour

From the Edelweissalm via forest road to Nazbauer (Hotel Berghof).

Jandlalm, No. 63, 2 hours

From the Edelweissalm, via trail no. 63 to the Grießenkaralmen (Jandlalm). Descentover trail no. 64 and no. 714 to nazbauer and via forest road (No. 62) back to the starting point possible.

Jandlalm - "Blue Trail", No. 64, 2 hours

By cable car or car to Nazbauer (Hotel Berghof). From Nazbauer via AV-Weg No. 714 climb for half an hour, turn left, via Steig (path no. 64) to Jandlalm (Grießenkaralmen).

Fourth Way, No. 66, 2 hours

From the church floor via Güterweg Wolfensberg to the goods road crossing, turn right and partly via the freight road, partly via old Heaumweg (No. 66) to the Ober-fourthckbauer. From here, take a path (no. 66) to Baierwaldstraße (No. 71).

Schüttalmweg, No. 67, 3 hours

From Wagrain via the Kleinarl hiking trail (No. 1) to the Bauernstüberl. Beginning of the old alpine trail on Kleinarler Straße. Climb through cattle pastures and forest to the forest road (No. 71), continue to the right on this road and then left over the Almstraße (No. 67) to the Gasthof Schüttalm.

Kaserlehenweg, No. 69, 2 hours ascent, 1 1/2 hours descent

Turn left over Grafenbergweg after crossing the freight road to the Strahlehenbauer and climb over a cattle pasture via path no. 69. Continue along atra ktorweg to the Kaserlehen and through the forest via a path to the forest road and over it to the Berggasthof Höllenstein s.Several descent possibilities, e.g. via Handleggweg (No. 68) or via Jausenstation Unterhöllenstein (713).

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